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Originally Broadcasting Live!
from the
Dome of Distinction
in Ghent, Norfolk, Virginia


DaveNicholsFrom Dave "but-you-can-call-me-Nick" Nichols:

"I do remember the "biker gang" of The Fabulous Mr. T and the Trashmen riding through Ghent on their Harley Recycles, Captain Cosmos showing slides of his recent trips throughout the universe at the Chesapeake Planetarium, the Norfolk Department of Health's VD clinics confidentiality policy administered by Mysterious Dr. M, trips to Ghent's trendiest night club, the Boom Boom Room located in the basement of the WOWI building and our station mascot, AHH Clem's goat Barney. Absurdly humorous inane plays on language and logic were a shared and infectious part of the WOWI announcing style."

GeorgeFrom George Kello:

When we asked George Kello about the famous WOWI segues, blending songs, he wrote, "The art of the musical segue as applies to a latter part of the mid- twentieth century disc jockey on American FM Radio as told by an idiot with lip uplifted truth: You can measure beats per minute, that's great for discotheques and clogging. You can follow genre, tonality, instrumentation, fade out fade in, go alphabetically through the library and pick the second track on the B side of every record in search for serendipity. They all segue into something. Which is not to say the transition is not important , but rather the elegant segue transcends time and space. It is now and later and what went before. The elegant segue is the musical note you hear that is not played. Familiarity and surprise. Juxtaposition and verisimilitude!"

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