Post-WOWI Support

Thanks to:

Gary Steinberg
, a friend of BC, for his countless hours of invaluable sound editing and digitizing of many of the original shows, bringing them back to life and for making them available to us.

Keith Nuttall, a friend of George Kello, for hoarding more than 18 hours of original cassettes all this time and offering them to us, full of original tape-stretching flutter, wow, and hiss.

Mike Rau, who is responsible for this website. He was a teenager during Progressive WOWI-FM 103's glory years, and simply says: "WOWI changed my life..."

David J. Brown, Brown started the Progressive WOWI research project a few years ago after going online and finding two sentences on the station and one of them was wrong. "I just couldn't allow that to continue and started slowly piecing whatever tidbits about the station I could find". He spent countless hours making inquires, peering through radio publications, trying to find out who was involved in the station. One contact was Mike Rau, who after admitting that although he was an avid listener, he really didn't know shit about the history of the station, managed to get him in touch with Bob (BC) Conwell, who introduced David to some of the original and influential on-air staff. Brown conducted oral histories with BC, George, Dave, Bruce, Art, Larry, and many others who were instrumental opening some of the doors to this unique history about a station that helped informed many of our lives and set us on a path towards creative anarchy! Brown's massive effort, in turn led to the creation of the Facebook page, Wiki, and eventually the content for this website. As Larry Dinger wrote, "Thanks Dave for resurrecting the station!"