Larry Dinger

The 'Good Doctor' Dinger is alive and well and living in Austin, Texas. Like a few of the other 'On-Air-Curators of Sound', Larry had an expansive knowledge of all types of music and his shows gave plenty of evidence to that. He was the brains behind Club Bimbo and Blues Beer Bar, a make-shift live on the air concert room on the first floor of the WOWI house on Colonial Avenue. Usually did the late night show after Art Williamson. After the progressive spirit expired, Dr. Dinger moved to Austin, TX to join KOKE-FM, billed as 'Progressive Country', the first of its kind and chiefly responsible for what became known worldwide as the 'Austin Sound'. KOKE was short-lived but highly revered...still is...and mirrored WOWI in many respects. Larry still operates as a mobile DJ, did a scorching new set for us last year, and has a closet full of original WOWI T-Shirts that can only fit small children.