Originally Broadcasting Live!
from the
Dome of Distinction
in Ghent, Norfolk, Virginia

George Kello

GeorgeKelloThenWOWI's first on-air "Curator of Sound", Kello, more than any other, wove his way in and out of the station. "I was hired and fired at least four times', he said. George had a 8pm to midnight progressive show on WOWI's precursor station WRVC and Brinsfield was smart enough to allow Kello to continue his remarkably ground-breaking "Sounds of Life" show. George's intro for the show, as published in Action magazine, March 21, 1970: "When people force music about truth, loneliness, love, and revolution underground, it is because their ears are afraid to experience the sounds of life. This is George Kello, not underground, but above ground".

Always an artist and a DIY-er, Kello even sold his own ads (Checker Flag and Norman Goodwin's shop the Tree House). Frankie's "Got It" Record and Tapes was his first sponsor.

Originally from the Norfolk area, where he still lives, he graduated from Bayside High in VA Beach and did a stint at a broadcasting school before landing the gig at RVC. He remains an active and intrepid traveler (with a preference for searching out high-quality street art) and a self-professed deadbeat intellectual whose sharp-witted running musings on life in all its mutated glory continues to enhance our interactions.