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Originally Broadcasting Live!
from the
Dome of Distinction
in Ghent, Norfolk, Virginia

Randy Spiers

RandySpiersRandy joined the crew at WOWI after working on the air at WGOE in Richmond (followed later by John Stevens and Jim Minard). He usually did an early morning shift, usually giving grief to Larry Dinger, sauntering down the stairs, bleary-eyed after a long late night at the controls. Spiers left a few months before the station was sold and spent the next 15 years in an ashram in Pennsylvania, eventually ending up in Asheville. He's an astrologer, photographer, musician and he and his partner recently moved to Paris with thoughts of a retirement of sorts but returned the mountain retreat called Asheville where they currently live. He's still active musically, composing and recording.

You can find some of his work on SoundCloud where his profile reads: A deejay (World Music, Deep House, Dub, Conscious Movement) and electronic musician who loves to fiddle with all things ambient, granular synthesis and out of the ordinary sounds. I don't have a singular style... just appreciate being different. Visit to listen.