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Originally Broadcasting Live!
from the
Dome of Distinction
in Ghent, Norfolk, Virginia

John Nesci (Ahh-Clem)

John was listed in print as 'news director' of the recently purchased Progressive WOWI when Brinsfield bought it. In 1972, Nesci was charged by the Federal Communications Commission with playing "obscene, recorded" lyrics' on the air. The FCC was listening in when Nesci played the now famous Country Joe McDonald's Fish Chant from Woodstock whereby the word Fish was changed to F-U-C-K. Nesci was also charged with airing the license plate numbers of undercover police agents. Billboard first published the front-page news story on October 14, 1972 and followed the case in subsequent issues. This marked the first time in this country that the playing of recorded lyrics was challenged in court. None of the charges stood and the FCC dropped its case against Nesci and the station later that year but not before losing his job but gaining the respect of progressive radio announcers everywhere.

As George Kello pointed out, "Let us not forget the contributions of John Nesci who showed there were those frightened by WOWI".

According to Dave Nichols, Nesci almost took the headlining part of "the Ghost of Jacob Marley" in the premiere of Thea Musgraves' opera "the Christmas Carol". But it didn't happen because of our time at WOWI. Nesci was on the West Coast working as an actor and I suggested to Musgrave that he would be perfect for the part. She asked me to call him and offer him the role. I called and left a message and John considered it one of my usual pranks and paid it no mind. What it could have done for his career is anybody's guess. For years at WOWI if we wished to give scientific credulity to any of our inane babble, we would cite the support or approval of Dr. Hungarian and Ms. Musgraves. Nesci, another before and after WOWI actor, devoted his career to the art form and amongst many roles on the stage and screen, had worthy parts in the films RoboCop and Pollock.

(Nesci remained close friends with several of the WOWI crew until his death from a heart attack on December 24, 2002 while walking down the streets in Rome)